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“LocaLoco” represent our sanctuary for the past 3 years and is our home to a bunch of crazily fun multimedia designs who are passionate about creating extraordinary design that speaks louder than words, and care for each other like a family.

Jovin’s word LocaLoca is a spanish word for wild, active, hyper and crazy. This is a festival and we look at TOA as an island. This is our last few days at TOA and we are a having a big celebration to celebrate our graduation. We are the localoca-ians, and we want you to join us.

LocaLoco represents an island festival in celebration for the 13 multimedia designers graduating and finally leaving our sanctuary after 3 years of hardships.

We invite YOU to join our final moments on the island and celebrate the final days with a bang.
My dear students from the batch of MM1505-1,

Today is the day I know you all have been waiting for: your independence day; no more assignments, no more late night works, no more critiques and scoldings from us. So my heartiest congratulations to you all, I know it has been a challenging journey to make it this far.

Not to kill the joy, but be warned, what lies ahead of you will be unpredictable. At times it will be hard, at times it will be easy. When the going gets tough, I hope your memories of being here will remind you of the strength that you have. It is the same strength in you that carried you to this day. I hope you will continue to grow stronger, as you are now enrolled in a far more challenging lifelong course called “life”. Remember this: progress takes time. Be patient in your journey and persevere. Know that the longer you engage in something, the more profound your skill & knowledge will be in that field.

Keeping this note short, I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

Go and be loca loco! It’s your day, celebrate!

Thank you!
Best wishes,
Cheang Lin Yew
Head of Multimedia Department
Dear Graduates,

Congratulations on your Graduation!

This must be a very proud moment for you. It will also be fondly remembered as one of the best occasions in your life. As much it is significant to you, it also is for your dearest parents, partners, family and friends. The achievement of a lifetime is seldom managed without the moral and direct support from those closest to us.

I believe that you truly deserve this success. For now, enjoy the calm after all the hard work. Ease your mind before you start setting goals higher than you have ever imagined before. Then, do not stop until you get there! Part of the process is to make wonderful mistakes and collect valuable wounds, for they will be key ingredients to your success.

You are now only halfway to your destination. Hopefully, your graduation from The One Academy will be a beginning of a bright future for you. I wish you the best in discovering your dreams and reach for it!

We are proud of our alumni and hope that you are also proud to join the alumni community that has, since the inception of the institution, gone on to great success in life.

On behalf of everyone at The One Academy, I wish you every success in your future endeavors.



Cynthia Ong
Cynthia has a strong design sense and she’s best known for her adaptiveness and preposterous attitude. Multi-tasking is her forte, and she never fails to deliver the best of the best.
Leong Wei Heng
Leon is a polite but determined visual designer that can adapt to the trend. He is determined to bring life to his design with his heart-fully drawn doodles and drawings that he incorporates in his visuals.
Jonathan Fong
Jonathan, the fashionista of the class! Jon is a hipster that loves artistic and aesthetic design, and his favourite trend of all time is minimalism. You can count on him to lend you a shoulder whenever in distress.
Lawrence Loh
Lawrence, our multi-talented logistic leader! Lawrence is a passionate photographer with a strong mindset and loves to explore every possibility. You can also count on him to make you a great cup of coffee. ☕


Yong Xue Leng
Sherin may be quiet, but she can pack a punch! Punctuality is her culture, and she never skips a class. Her cutesy vector style definitely matches her looks and personality!
Tan Hong Wei
Hong Wei is not to be underestimated. With a black belt in Karate, he can slice up a watermelon with his bare hands! Despite his toughness, he is very open to criticism and always try his best to help the people around him.
Richard Ong
Richard is an open-minded designer that peaks an interest in fluidity and flow of movement, and aspire to be a motion designer. Known as the class clown, he’s the guy you would definitely want to befriends with for his funky attitude!
Kwan Jun Wen
The one and only front end developer of the class, Kwan thrives to be the best! His passion grew beyond the screen and has ventured his way into installation. Not only is he good in coding, but he is also an amazing singer and pianist that always go beyond to help those that he cherish.


Sua Xing Jian
A music lover, he’s the man behind all the Vlogs! Xing Jian, a.k.a The Meme Lord, is a fast learner who loves adding a touch of vintage to his designs. He’s the man to look for if you love board games or anything old school.
Esmond Teoh
Esmond is the hardworking guy behind all the social media posts! He is a thoughtful digital media designer that never fails to bring a hint of fun to his work. His chill personality makes him the perfect friend to have by your side!
Yuukii Yong
Meet the girl behind all the copywriting, Yuukii Yong! She is an amazing designer who loves a good challenge and is a perfectionist when it comes to designing! Her straightforward personality might surprise you, and she’s extremely meticulous about user experience.
Jovin Yap Lee Thong
Jovin is an outgoing motion artist that loves anything pop culture. His passion for discovering and learning new things ensures that he is always on the top of his game when it comes to keeping up in trend.


Ridhwaan is a friendly cinematographer that is passionate about capturing the perfect moment and storytelling. He's a team player that loves to make new friends and make them laugh. You will definitely fall for his charismatic personality!


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